VS Code keeps failing to discover Unit tests for my Django project.

I have installed pytest and pytest-django libraries

Project structure (simplified)

- root_project
    - pytest.ini
    - etc
    - docs
    - tests
       - test_app.py
    - django_project
        - project_name
            - settings
                - develop.py
                - testing.py
                - production.py
            - app_1
            - app_2
            - manage.py

pytest.ini file content

DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE = "django_project.project_name.settings.testing"
python_files = test_*.py

settings.json file content

 "python.unitTest.unittestArgs": [
    "python.unitTest.pyTestEnabled": true,
    "python.unitTest.nosetestsEnabled": false,
    "python.unitTest.unittestEnabled": false,

I keep getting this error and no tests are discovered:


  • Are the tests found when running from terminal? – hoefling Feb 12 at 12:12
  • Yes they are. I have to add env var tDJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE and I have to run command py.test from directory root_project/django_project/project_name – user3412846 Feb 12 at 12:15

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