This is a quick one.
In Linq to sql, I need to order by a datetime field descending then order by the time part of the same datetime filed ascending, make sense? Here's an example of the result needed:

[Serial] [Date (mm-dd-yyyy:hh-MM-ss)]
1 3-13-2008:10-10-02
2 3-13-2008:10-12-60
3 3-12-2008:12-05-55

I tried :

return query.OrderByDescending(c=> c.Time).ThenBy(c=> c.Time.TimeOfDay);

And also tried:

query.OrderByDescending(c => c.Time).ThenBy(c => c.Time.Hour).ThenBy(c=> c.Time.Minute).ThenBy(c=> c.Time.Second);

but never seemed to work. Any suggestions?


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Use the Date and TimeOfDay properties for the sort.

return query
   .OrderByDescending(c=> c.Time.Date)
   .ThenBy(c=> c.Time.TimeOfDay);
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The Problem is that "Time" contains Date and Time information, thus, already sorting completely. You would have to take the Date Part to sort with first.

return query.OrderByDescending(c=> c.Time.Date).ThenBy(c=> c.Time.TimeOfDay);

Not tested :)


I think first orderByDescending sorts everything by datetime(date+time), so the following orderbys will become effective only if you have any records with the same timestamp.

Try this

query.OrderByDescending(c=> c.Time.Date).ThenBy(c=> c.Time.TimeOfDay)

Turn it to ticks will work as well:

return query.OrderByDescending(c=> c.Time.Ticks)
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    – josxha
    May 19, 2022 at 11:15

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