I worked on a Bot using MS Bot framework SDK V3.0. While working on that I have some static JSON files and I have used those files(JSON Data) to get the User details. Now I have added another user details in the same JSON file and published but I was unable to access the new user details.

I have tried changing the Copy to Output directory option to Copy always but it doesn't worked. Any suggestions on this?


Try to use Azure Kudu (here is an article) and check the actual content of your JSON files, maybe it wasn't updated. They try to reset Azure publishing profile, or restart the App Service

  • Thank you for your suggestions, but any of the above doesn't worked. Checked with Azure Kudu, there I have the updated JSON data. – vamsi aarya Feb 18 at 13:58

Sometime web pages hold the cache of old pages. Please clear the cache of the web pages(Browsers) and try.

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