By using below command we can merge video and image together. I not an expert to build ffmpeg commands.

String cmd = "-t 5 -i " + videoPath +
                " -loop 1 -t 5 -i " + imagePath +
                " -f lavfi -t 5 -i anullsrc" +
                " -filter_complex [1][0]scale2ref[2nd][ref];[ref][0:a][2nd][2:a]concat=n=2:v=1:a=1[v][a]" +
                " -c:v libx264 -c:a aac -strict -2 -map [v] -map [a] -preset veryfast " + outputPath;

Any one who have idea to add a transition effect between video and image. Please help me.

Thanks in advance.

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