I need to deploy the message broker. However is not clear if I must have the ESB profile running too. I'm following this guide https://dzone.com/articles/wso2-enterprise-integrator-with-a-message-broker-p and it seems that ESB profile is needed. Is it correct? What's the point in running ESB profile alongside the MB profile? thanks


If you only need message broker you only need to start MB profile. documentation

To start the MB profile: Open a terminal, navigate to the /bin directory where all the startup scripts are stored and run the startup script:

On Windows: broker.bat

On Linux: sh broker.sh

The document you referred explains how to integrate message broker and ESB. You don't have to start ESB profile unless it's applicable for your use-case.

  • thank you. Is it possible to have HA for broker? I don't want a cluster, just HA (2 servers with shared filesystem fronted by a load balancer). thank you – Ma io Mar 12 at 17:58
  • If you only need to have HA with two stand alone brokers without clustering, consider failover configuration provided from client side. it will attempt to connect to first broker and if it's not available it will attempt to connect next broker and so on. docs.wso2.com/display/EI6xx/… – plr Mar 14 at 6:33
  • in the docs it's specified that MB cluster doesn't support third party load balancing, can you explain why? Can I put a load balancer if I have a failover configuration instead? (2 nodes HA without cluster). @plr thank you a lot – Ma io Mar 14 at 15:16
  • in a MB cluster load balancing is not needed if properly configured. client is aware about all nodes available in a given cluster and if a given MB node is not reachable client will attempt to connect to next MB node. you can attempt to failover 2 nodes without cluster. But it will be meaning less as subscriber for given queue or topic is not synced through both nodes. But if it's working for your usecase feel free to load balance with 2 nodes without clustering. – plr Mar 15 at 10:13
  • is there any way to sync subscriber via shared filesystem? (like glusterFS or similar). From your reply I understand that a simple HA between MB nodes is not a supported deployment pattern. For multiple nodes the cluster is the way to go, right? Moreover, can you please point me to the documentation, if any, explaining how MB persist data? I mean which are the available possibilities? (DB, filesystem etc). thanks a lot @plr – Ma io Mar 15 at 14:46

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