I am trying to rid myself of a lib-Folder I have in my solution, migrating dlls to nuget and also switching from Packages.config to Packagereference. That worked well for most dlls.

But now I have some COM-References I am unsure if what I am trying to do is correct. It looks like this in .csproj:

<COMReference Include="MyLib">

And as a prebuild-event I have

    regsvr32 /s $(SolutionDir)Lib\MyLib.dll

Now I am irritated, because I read this article where it told me to add ReferencePath and EmbedInteropTypes via .targets from the nuget-package.

However I did not get this to work (or it seems it did not suffice in my case (looking at the GUID being referenced in the COMReference))

So this got me thinking, maybe I do not need to transform this into a Packagereference at all, but just add one (that includes "MyLib"), have the prebuild-event go against that dll from my packages-folder and leave the COMReference as is.

I now just added the libaries I needed to the nuget package I am pulling under content\x86 and modified the prebuild-event to point to $([MSBuild]::EnsureTrailingSlash('$(NugetPackageRoot)')) instead.

This seems to work, it builds, and I have no runtime errors (so far), but I am not sure if this is best practice or if I am missing something, any pointers are greatly appreciated.

  • That prebuild event is minus a thousand elegance points. Nothing you can do next to get it above zero. The need to have a decent installer can't be ignored, it is a prerequisite that's not fundamentally different from "you need Windows and .NET". – Hans Passant Feb 12 at 23:21
  • @HansPassant cannot disagree on this :) There is a batch file that we use locally on dev machines, but on the server where the builds happen we pretty much need this pre-build event, I only see that I could "hide" it "into" the nuget package but other than that... meh – DrCopyPaste Feb 13 at 8:45

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