I want to write some logs in the login function of LDAP authentication functions of my installed Gitlab.

I added the required lines in the following file (Line 3): enter image description here

And after that I did some login tries in the login form of the Gitlab.

But as you see above, the debug file doesn't created.

What am I need to do? Does it require any recompile or something?

Note that I also restarted the service using the following command, but nothing changed:

# gitlab-ctl restart

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    Please post code as text, not an image. Not only is text easier to read, it is easier to index and search, helping future readers find your question. – Old Pro Feb 19 at 22:52

It appears that you put the logging code in the wrong place. Try putting the logging in #login instead of ::login or look for a better hook depending on what it is you are trying to log.

See the official documentation for more information about LDAP setup and troubleshooting.

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