Consider a collection with age field. The values of age are from a known range of Integer values.

When querying for users of age 20 to 23 years, the query can be written as:

"age": {
    "$gte": 20
    "$lte": 23,

Since we know the age range, the query can also be written as:

"age": {
    "$in": [20,21,22,23]

Is the query performance better when using $in or $gte, $lte?

  • What index do you have in the collection? e.g., what's the output of db.collection.getIndexes()? – kevinadi Feb 13 at 0:22
  • How would an age index be any different whether $in or $gt, $lt is used? – Manuel Feb 13 at 1:27
  • 1
    The size of the index, the size of your memory, and how warm the cache is could be the difference. $in is like a targeted query, while $gte would be a range query. It's more complex once you introduce more fields, but have a look at emptysqua.re/blog/optimizing-mongodb-compound-indexes for a good explanation on how to optimize index use. – kevinadi Feb 13 at 4:02

I don't think that it's big difference in performance between $in and $gte when you have small array. Obviously, when you use array with big numbers of elements in $in operator, it's better use $gte, because mongo does not need to compare a value with every value in array, it's faster just use conditional expression with two values. More over for readability it's better to use $gte and $lte. So, in common case I'd use $gte and $lte.

  • Funny enough, for age values 19-99 the $in query seems to have a faster execution time than the $gte, $lte query in my tests with mongodb profiler. – Manuel Feb 12 at 23:00
  • 2
    I think $gte/$lte gets converted into a range query, and $in does a mini-fanout. As $in gets larger, I'd expect $gte/$lte to start beating it. You should be able to see the different query plans if you do an explain. – willis Feb 12 at 23:30

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