I am trying to find an easy way to convert my Word documents to HTML without the awful save-as that is built in. These are structured documents (designed for our screen-reader (JAWS) users), and so they use Heading 1, 2, 3, 4 & the Table of Contents.

We plan to convert these to DAISY audiobooks (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DAISY_Digital_Talking_Book ) , so we need pretty clean, but structured, HTML to convert.

I tried the find-replace, using Styles, but it would just replace anything in the text part of the search. I could convert it from any one style to another, but adding text in the box messed it up.

(I think I see that CSS for DAISY means that instead of just <h2> it will have to be <level2 class=='section' <h2> and closing tags), but that's step 2 after I handle this part.)

I just want to be able to find any text using Style 2 and add text to the start of that line saying "yep, here's some style 2" so that I can do the HTML/CSS stuff.



You can do that with a simple Find/Replace. For example, specify the Heading 1 Style for the Find parameter and use:

Replace = <h1>^&</h1>

For a macro you could incorporate that into, see: Convert a Word Range to a String with HTML tags in VBA

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