I would like to add placeholder texture to select input using ReactJS, however my current attempt is not working.

My code looks like this:

<Input type="select" placeholder="placeholder">
     <option>First option</option>
     <option>second option</option>
     <option>Thrid option</option>

I am expecting the text "placeholder" to show up on the input field before any option has been selected, however the "first option" is showing by default.


To achieve the placeholder effect on a <select> element in ReactJS, first add the defaultValue prop to the <select> element and preassign a default value of say the empty string. Then, add a disabled <option> item with a value that matches defaultValue as shown:

<select defaultValue="">
     <option disabled={true} value="">placeholder</option>
     <option>First option</option>
     <option>second option</option>
     <option>Thrid option</option>
  • im getting this error Warning: Use the defaultValue` or value props on <select> instead of setting selected on <option>. ` – toy moy Feb 12 at 19:29
  • @toymoy Just updated the answer to make this more compatible with reactjs - does that help? – Dacre Denny Feb 12 at 19:36

You can achieve this functionality using <option value="" hidden> Your Placeholder here </option>

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