I am trying to figure out a way to sort 3 numbers inputted in any given order, into ascending order for a homework assignment. So far I came up with this.

if(*p1 > *p3){
            *p3 = *p1;
        if(*p1 > *p2){
            *p2 = *p1;
        if(*p2 > *p3){
            *p3 = *p2;

should I add a temp variable in there instead to move it?

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    Yes, you lost the value of *p3 in the second line. – Weather Vane Feb 12 at 19:39
  • don't forget about the case where two of the input numbers are identical. I got burned by that on this exact assignment way back when.... – yano Feb 12 at 19:41
  • Poke around the code at How do I make conditions in printf statements](stackoverflow.com/questions/49290953/…) — which is actually about sorting 3 items without even an if statement. There are various amounts of answer — and some use if statements. – Jonathan Leffler Feb 12 at 19:56

The idiomatic way to swap two variables is indeed to add a temp variable:

void swap(T *a, T *b)
    T temp = *a;
    *a = *b;
    *b = temp;

Now, to sort three values into ascending order, a full fledged sorting algorithm would indeed be overkill. You can do this just with a few compares and swaps.

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