I need to get some help with a doing some calculations with a lot of criteria into percentages.

I have many queries which simply come up with a number that is a count of records with a specific criteria, to be used later in a calculation.

Because those criteria are so lengthy, and change with each variation of the data I am collecting, I'm not sure if an IIF structure would return the results I want.

Crosstab queries can get quirky when fields are not available on different data runs. And to be honest, a crosstab query is really just a type of pivot table like in Excel, but not as flexible.

I want do most (if not all) of the count-collecting in VBA using recordsets or the DCOUNT() function. Then, structured the data for a report, I would consider dumping the values into a temporary table and base the report off of that.

The queries I already have built are doing pretty much what I described, but when you try to link them together for the final report, if anything had missing or null values, it causes problems.

Doing the work in VBA gives me much more flexibility in handling these situations.

One issue I dont know VBA that well just a little bit of docmd commands.

Query one

SELECT Count(MaximoReport.WorkOrder) AS [Count LEW PMCOMP]
FROM MaximoReport
WHERE (((MaximoReport.WorkType) In ("PMINS","PMPDM","PMREG","PMRT")) AND 
((MaximoReport.Status) Like "*COMP") AND ((MaximoReport.[Target Start])>=DateAdd("h",-1,[Enter the Start Date]) And 
(MaximoReport.[Target Start])<DateAdd("h",23,[Enter the End Date])) AND 
((MaximoReport.ActualLaborHours)<>"00:00") AND ((MaximoReport.ActualStartDate)>=DateAdd("h",-11.8,[Enter the Start Date]) And (MaximoReport.ActualStartDate)<DateAdd("h",23,[Enter the End Date])));

Query 2

SELECT Count(MaximoReport.WorkOrder) AS [Total LEWPM Den]
FROM MaximoReport
WHERE (((MaximoReport.WorkType)="PMINS" Or (MaximoReport.WorkType)="PMOR" Or (MaximoReport.WorkType)="PMPDM" Or (MaximoReport.WorkType)="PMREG" Or  
(MaximoReport.WorkType)="PMRT") AND ((MaximoReport.Status)<>"CAN") AND ((IIf(Len([Target Start])>10,[Target Start],[Target Start]+[TargetStartHour]))>=DateAdd("h",-11.8,[Forms]![ParameterReportF]![DateFrom]) And (IIf(Len([Target Start])>10,[Target Start],[Target Start]+[TargetStartHour]))<DateAdd("h",23,[Forms]![ParameterReportF]![DateTo])));

How can I combine the two instead of having multiple queries I have 11 of these to do for each department I think having too many queries would cause an issue.

  • Why aren't you using a GROUP BY clause to group on department? Or use report Sorting & Grouping features. – June7 Feb 12 at 21:10

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