grid-template-columns: and rows: don't work. Netbeans says unknown property. why?grid-template-columns: and rows: don't work. Netbeans says unknown property. why?


grid-template-columns: and rows: don't work

They "don't work" within the NetBeans IDE, and the error messages are annoying, but your CSS that NetBeans is objecting to will still run in the browser.

Netbeans says unknown property. why?

It's a NetBeans bug, and I raised a bug report for this issue almost a year ago.

See Many missing values for code completion of the CSS display property:

[1] The problem with autocomplete for CSS is not confined to missing
values for the display property. For example, no grid-... properties
(e.g. grid-column-start) are suggested, nor is row-gap. The list of
valid CSS properties and values used by autocomplete needs to be

[2] If a CSS property is not suggested during auto-completion then its
valid use in CSS code will be incorrectly reported as an error (e.g.
"Unknown property grid-column-gap").

[3] A serious side effect of the previous issue is that genuine errors
in CSS code may be much harder to identify because they are mixed in
with bogus errors.

Unfortunately the issue is still open and unresolved.

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