Let's say if I am having a scenario like

Scenario: Call a Get API and validate the response 
    Given path 'myteam' 
    When method get 
    Then status 201 
    And print response
    And match response contains { teamFeature: 'pick any feature'}

And my API response is

  "id": "6c0377cd-96c9-4651-bcc8-0c9a7d962bc3",
  "teamFeature": "pick any feature"

Then I am getting the error like

example.feature:19 - javascript evaluation failed: feature'}, :1:9 Missing close quote feature'} ^ in at line number 1 at column number 9

If my API response does not contain the word 'any' and I change the match statement then it is working fine. Looks like I need to escape the the word 'any' somehow.

May I know how can I escape the word 'any'?

Not sure if this is a bug in Karate.

Tried to call

com.intuit.karate.Match match = new com.intuit.karate.Match("pick any feature");
System.out.println(match.contains("pick any feature"));

And received following error

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.RuntimeException: javascript evaluation failed: pick any feature, :1:5 Expected ; but found any pick any feature ^ in at line number 1 at column number 5 at com.intuit.karate.ScriptBindings.eval(ScriptBindings.java:152) at com.intuit.karate.ScriptBindings.updateBindingsAndEval(ScriptBindings.java:142) at com.intuit.karate.ScriptBindings.evalInNashorn(ScriptBindings.java:127) at com.intuit.karate.Script.evalJsExpression(Script.java:423) at com.intuit.karate.Script.evalKarateExpression(Script.java:337) at com.intuit.karate.Script.evalKarateExpression(Script.java:203) at com.intuit.karate.Match.(Match.java:67) at com.intuit.karate.Match.(Match.java:53)

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    looks like an issue with match step for this condition, temp workaround would be * def expected = { teamFeature: 'pick any feature'} and then And match response contains expected – Babu Sekaran Feb 13 at 3:29

Yes this is a bug in Karate, we've opened an issue: https://github.com/intuit/karate/issues/678

The workaround suggested by @BabuSekaran will work:

* def response = { foo: 'a any b' }
* def temp = { foo: 'a any b' }
* match response contains temp

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