Does using the 90-percentile instead of median score when saying, "based on field data the 'page is slow'" make it impossible for heavily trafficked websites, such as google.com, from ever getting ranked "Fast"? This due to the long tail that occurs when monthly traffic is in the 10M+ ranges?

Last time I checked (early Feb. 2018), the Desktop google.com received a 100 Lighthouse synthetic score, which is supposed to be interpreted as "there is little room for improvement," and yet, the page is ranked "slow" because the 90th percentile FCP is way over 3s.

Will a page like nytimes.com ever be considered fast with this standard, when even google.com's desktop page is ranked slow based on field data?

Recent example (Feb. 14, 2019) enter image description here

Former example with even longer tail for FCP: enter image description here

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