I have a scala sequence of tuples like below

seqOfTuples: List[(String, Double)] = List((a,25.52), (a,25.54), (a,48.94), (b,25.52), (b,25.54), (b,48.94))

I am trying to round off the second value in those tuples to a single decimal and equate them to a sum of 100 (by adding the balance fraction to the last number) for any given first value.

result: List[(String, AnyVal)] = List((a,25.5), (a,25.5), (a,49), (b,25.5), (b,25.5), (b,49))

What I have tried so far is to round off but the results won't equate to a sum of 100.

scala> val partialResult = seqOfTuples.map (x => (x._1, BigDecimal(x._2).setScale(1, BigDecimal.RoundingMode.HALF_UP).toDouble))
partialResult: List[(String, Double)] = List((a,25.5), (a,25.5), (a,48.9), (b,25.5), (b,25.5), (b,48.9))

How can I do that?

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    do you mean a sum by unique tuple._1 should be equal to 100? Such that, for a it should be: 25.5 + 25.5 + 48.9 = 100, but it is actually 99.9 ? – Alexey Novakov Feb 12 at 21:04
  • @AlexeyNovakov yes. Exactly. – yalkris Feb 12 at 21:33

Starting from your partialResult (abbreviated to pr below), you could subtract the Double values from 100.0 until you get uncomfortably close to zero, at which point you ignore the received Double and recalculate its "true" value.

            ,List.empty[(String,Double)])){ case ((m,res),(str,dbl)) =>
    if (math.abs(m(str) - dbl) < 1.1)  //too close
      (m, (str,m(str))::res)           //use remainder
      (m + (str -> (m(str)-dbl)), (str,dbl)::res)  //update Map, build result
//res0: List[(String, Double)] = List((a,25.5), (a,25.5), (a,49.0)
//                                  , (b,25.5), (b,25.5), (b,49.0))

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