Is fixed: I want to change only one line in a csv file.
My problem was I can only read or write at a time. But I want to do that the same time, so that I can find the position and change the wort.

It is to complicated. I will now import the csv file into a sqllite DB and work with it. When I need a csv file back I will exported from the sqllite DB.

Solution, but I will use sqllite DB it is easier:

//incert in line 100 the string "So das hier kommt dazu"
int min = 100;
String stdChange = "So das hier kommt dazu";
int remove = 1;
var readFile = File('pathtofile/fileName.txt').open(mode: FileMode.read);
var writeFile = File('pathtofile/fileName.txt.tmp').open(mode: FileMode.writeOnly);
readFile.then((RandomAccessFile contents) {
  List<int> buf = List<int>(min);

  contents.readInto(buf, 0, min).whenComplete((){
    writeFile.then((RandomAccessFile write) {
            buf = List<int>(sizeMax-min-remove);


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  • Welcome to StackOverflow! Whate have you tried so far? Please supply code and descibe problems you've encountered – Alex Yu Feb 12 at 20:47
  • Welcome to Stackoverflow, please provide a more detailed question, as described here, but I can indicate you the docs about working with files and about accessing files by path. – Felipe Augusto Feb 13 at 1:38
  • Is it a large file or a small file? (can it be read into memory as a whole) – Günter Zöchbauer Feb 13 at 17:40
  • The file size is ~1MB, I do not know if it can be completly read into the memory. What I can say is that I find the location what I wound to change, but how ? I have only open the file for reading not for writing. – TssT Feb 13 at 17:46

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