Given: two column vectors a, b. Let the matrix from their outer product be P:

P = a * b^T

where ^T denotes the transpose.

Also given: a sparse matrix S whose entries are only 1s and 0s.

I want to compute the following matrix:

S % P = S % ( a * b^T )

where % denotes element-wise multiplication of the two matrices.

In other words, I want the matrix whose elements (i,j) are:

  • The product of elements a_i * b_j for S_ij = 1, or
  • Zero for S_ij = 0.

The formula S % (a * b^T) involves computing many products that are set to zero anyways, so this does not seem very efficient. Another way to do it is to loop through the elements of the sparse matrix S and manually compute the product a_i * b_j, but I wondered if there is a faster matrix/vector computation to do this.


  • The sparse matrix is stored in a sparse way? The way matrices are represented (stored in memory) really makes a difference in designing a good algorithm. – Willem Van Onsem Feb 12 at 20:49
  • Yes - specifically I am using the armadillo library in C++, and there is a sp_mat class – smörkex Feb 12 at 21:23

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