I am working on a Windows Forms C# application that leverages a Google Cloud Firestore database. When I build the project and test it out of the Bin>Release folder, it works fine. When I let my installer project create a setup/msi, and install the app, the app does NOT work. Upon inspection I noticed that there is one library file that the Installer is not detecting as a dependency and therefore not installing, causing the app to break:grpc_csharp_ext.x86.dll. This file exists in Bin>Release but not in the folder the installer installs files to when running setup.exe. Two questions please:

1) Is there a known reason why Visual Studio (2017 Community) detects this file correctly as needing to be included when Building normally (Bin>Release) but NOT when building the Installer?

2) What would be the correct way to make the installer project detect (and include) this file?

For info, this file in my project is available in the following path: [project]\packages\Grpc.Core.1.13.1\runtimes\win\native\

Many thanks

EDIT: On Q 2) I don't know what is the correct way to make the installer "detect" the missing dll, however I figured out how to add the file so that it is installed (Installer project, Primary Output from [project], Application folder, add file)

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