I recently upgraded from exe4j 4.6 to 6.0.1 and now the splash screen doesn't go away until i close the application.

Our old exe4j configuration options for splash used autoOff="true" which doesn't look like it exists anymore. The manual suggests there might be something called windowsNative to create a splash controlled by the executable , but this didn't work either. The manual also suggests you could add Controller.hide() from the exe4jlib.jar. I couldn't get this to work. It is wrapped in a try catch block and the catch isn't triggered but the splash doesn't hide. The mainClass being called is org.eclipse.core.launcher.Main as it is an eclipse RCP.

Original Config for the splash. <splashScreen show="true" autoOff="true" alwaysOnTop="false" width="500" height="325" bitmapFile="splash.bmp" java6SplashScreen="false">

Attempted config. <splashScreen show="true" windowsNative="true" width="500" height="325" bitmapFile="splash.bmp" textOverlay="true">

Expected: Run executable See Splash Splash goes away when login screen appears.

Actual: Run Executable See Splash Splash never goes away until application is closed.

Update: Thinking it might be more of an issue with how exe4j interacts with RCP. It is RCP 3.x

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  • exe4j 6 uses the Java splash screen, there is no separate implementation of the splash screen anymore. Does calling java.awt.SplashScreen.getSplashScreen().close() hide the splash screen? – Ingo Kegel Feb 13 at 7:06
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    That worked! Thanks! – cz3ro Feb 13 at 14:50

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