I'm playing with mithril.js ("mithril": "^1.1.6"). It looks great but I don't get how components interact. More precisely, I'd like to pass data to components while routing. Here is what I did so far, this is the index.js and its Wmain component:

import Wuser from './ui/wuser.js';
import * as MockedUser from './model/user.json';
var Wmain = {
  view: function(vnode) {
    return m("div",[
      m("h3", "Main landing page."),
      m("a[href='/user']", {oncreate: m.route.link(vnode.attrs.user)}, 
      m("p", "hello")
m.mount(document.body, { view() { return m(Wmain, MockedUser.default)}});
m.route(document.body, "/", {
  "/": Wmain,
  "/user": Wuser

And this is the straightforward Wuser component:

const m = require("mithril");
export default {
  view: function(vnode) {
    return (
            console.log('ehy user! '+JSON.stringify(vnode))

But as I run that I got an error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'setAttribute' of undefined
at Function.route.link (mithril.js?c307:1224)
at Object.view (index.js?12d5:10)
at initComponent (mithril.js?c307:500)

What am I missing?

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