I am getting deserialization exception while consuming data from Kafka topic. I want to set the offset to current +1. I have an error handler at container level which takes exception, consumer record and consumer objects in argument. In the exception message I can see the topic, partition and offset. But consumer record is null. How can I get topic, partition and offset?

Please help.


The error occurs before a ConsumerRecord is created.

Starting with version 2.2, you can configure the ErrorHandlingDeserializer2 to wrap the real deserializer; the container then calls the error handler with a DeserializationException and you will get a ConsumerRecord witha null value.

The exception has the original byte[] in its data property.

  • Thanks @Gary. Then can I somehow increment my offset for that topic partition? – user3677837 Feb 12 at 21:46
  • As long as the error handler "handles" the error (the default error handler just logs the exception), the container will commit the offset and move on to the next record. – Gary Russell Feb 12 at 21:49

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