I'm performing different operations on a file from disk, like decrypting and unzipping. I want to send this stream as a response in my main module.


app.get('/route', function(req, res) {
  let req_params = req.query;
  cryptProvider.decrypt({file: req_params.file, key: req_params.key}).pipe(res);


exports.decrypt = function ({ file, key }) {
  const readInitVect = fs.createReadStream(file, { end: 15 });

  let initVect;
  readInitVect.on('data', chunk => {
    initVect = chunk;

  readInitVect.on('close', () => {
    const cipherKey = crypto
    const readStream = fs.createReadStream(file, { start: 16 });
    const decipher = crypto.createDecipheriv('aes256', cipherKey, initVect);
    const unzip = zlib.createUnzip();

    return readStream


So I'm trying to pipe readStream from my cryptProvider to server.js. Returning readStream and piping it into res doesn't seem to work as cryptProvider.decrypt doesn't support further piping.

I would be glad if somebody could help me figure out what's the issue here.

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    Pass the res to decrypt function and pipe it after unzip readStream.pipe(decipher).pipe(unzip).pipe(res); Also the reason it doesn't work is that you can't use return statement from within readInitVect.on's callback since it would return to its caller which is essentially readInitVect It's not exports.decrypt as you probably think. – Molda Feb 12 at 21:49
  • That was really simple, I'm amazed. Thank you so much @Molda ! – Tobias K. Feb 13 at 9:43

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