I would like to give my object a unique ID (to be able to compare them). I figured to do something along these lines:

pub struct Player {
    id: i32,
    score: usize,

impl Player {
    fn new() -> Player {
        let mut player = Player {};
        player.id = &player as *const i32;

I run into the problem that I need to set the variables when defining the Player, but there is no memory address at that point.

I could make the id mutable, but there is no need to change the variable after initialisation.

How can I do something like this?

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    to be able to compare themwhy do you think you need this? Why not use value-based equality? Literally writing #[derive(PartialEq)] before the struct will allow you to compare two instances for equality. – Shepmaster Feb 12 at 21:31
  • I could make the id mutable — you cannot make fields mutable. Mutability is a property of the variable binding, not the type. there is no need to change the variable after initialisation — that's extremely suspicious, considering that the memory address of the variable can change every time you move it, starting with when you return it from your constructor. – Shepmaster Feb 12 at 21:34
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    I believe your question is answered by the answers of Generate sequential IDs for each instance of a struct. If you disagree, please edit your question to explain the differences. Otherwise, we can mark this question as already answered. – Shepmaster Feb 12 at 21:36
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    That being said, I think you are suffering from a strong case of the X-Y problem. – Shepmaster Feb 12 at 21:36
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    If what you want is reference equality, the Q I flagged is your duplicate. But if you're going for motonically increasing IDs, mcarton's is a closer match. What isn't clear is what happens when a value is moved: should its ID change or not? – trentcl Feb 12 at 22:05

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