I have followed the steps mentioned here: https://github.com/wso2/kubernetes-apim/tree/master/helm/pattern-1. I am encountering an issue that when I execute:

helm install --name wso2am ~/git/src/github.com/wso2/kubernetes-apim/helm/pattern-1/apim-with-analytics

I receive the following error:

Error: release wso2am failed: configmaps "apim-conf" already exists

This happens on the first time of running the helm install command.

I've deleted the configmaps (kubectl delete configmaps apim-conf) and the release (helm del --purge wso2am), and when I try it again I get the same error.

Any assistance on how to get past this issue would be appreciated.


The issue with this is that there was a second copy of the apim-conf.yaml but named apim-conf.yaml_old. This caused helm to attempt to install apim-conf twice. This is resolved.


You can check the configmaps in the wso2 namespace by using the following command.

kubectl get configmaps -n wso2

Then you can remove the configmap apim-conf as follows.

kubectl delete configmap apim-conf -n wso2

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