I need to check runtime-permissions for the background application whom I am sending some data through Intent.

I am broadcasting an Intent from appA to App-B in the background. Now, based on data in Intent app-B will start performing some task in the background itself. Hence, by the time I explicitly open appB, it will be ready having some data needed for further operation.

Now, I need to check run-time(Internet) permission for appB. is there any way to achieve the scenario?

  • This answer gives you all installed packages that have the permission: stackoverflow.com/a/30131420/949224 – dr_g Feb 13 at 16:29
  • @0X0nosugar@dr_g Your answers are useful. I have question though. Can I grant the permission from appA, if the desired package doesn't have the permission granted? – Ddp Feb 13 at 17:35
  • Sorry, I can't imagine this is possible for normal apps. Permissions have to be granted by the user. Else they wouldn't give more security to users, so why bother at all? – 0X0nosugar Feb 13 at 17:40
  • @0X0nosugar I understand your concern. but the application I am working is a child app of appA, where user perform initial operations on appA and appB doest rest of the operation going forward. and for that as I said, we are broadcasting some Intent with data. Hence, I have encounter this situation. – Ddp Feb 13 at 19:13
if(hasPermission("com.appb.packge",new String[]{Manifest.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE}){
    //your intent
boolean hasPermission(String pkgName,String permissions[]) {
    PackageManager packageManager = getPackageManager();
    boolean hasPermission = false;
    for(String permission:permissions) {
        if (packageManager.checkPermission(permission, pkgName) != PackageManager.PERMISSION_GRANTED) {
            return false;
        hasPermission = true;
    return hasPermission;

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