I have the following numbers as text in a cell:


And now I need to calculate the average but I do not want to create extra columns since the length of the data varies.

Is there any way to do this using a formula?


In other words: you want to split the string value by the "-" character and calculate the average of its elements? AFAIK the only way to solve this is using a small macro (AKA user-defined function), since LO Calc doesn't provide a split/tokenize function on spreadsheet level.

A quick and dirty solution may look as follows:

Function split_average(a)
    Dim theArray(UBound(Split(a, "-"))) As Integer
    theArray = Split(a, "-")
    Dim SumVal As Integer
    For i = 0 To UBound(theArray)
        SumVal = SumVal + theArray(i)
    Next i
    split_average = SumVal / (UBound(theArray) + 1)
End Function

Of course, there's no type checking and so on, so try on your own risk. To use it, just copy it into the StarBasic Standard module, save, and call it inside your spreadsheet using =split_average(A1). For user-defined functions in general, see the LO Calc docs.

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