I am trying to setup Swagger for a Spring Boot + Spring Integration Project (involving an inbound-gateway) using Spring REST Docs style and springfox 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT.

On following the instructions from https://github.com/springfox/springfox/tree/master/springfox-spring-integration-webmvc, I was able to generate the following snippets under target/generated-snippets/{my-end-point-id}:

  • curl-request.springfox
  • http-request.springfox
  • http-response.springfox
  • httpie-request.springfox
  • request-body.springfox
  • response-body.springfox

However, after this point, I am unable to create/generate the Swagger UI html in the packaged .war. Is there any extra configuration/setup that is required for this?

As recommended, Springfox version: 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT Other version details: Spring Boot: 2.1.2.RELEASE Spring Integration: 5.1.2.RELEASE Java: 8 Apache Tomcat: 9.0.14 Apache Maven: 3.6.0

Please note that I wasn't clear whether to include a separate Swagger Configuration class with the @EnableSwagger2 annotation so I omitted this in my project setup.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Sincerely, Bharath


Solved this with the help of examples from https://github.com/springfox/springfox-demos/tree/master/springfox-integration-webmvc.

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