I am populating a page with controls reading properties of a class using reflection. If the property type is 'String' I will add a text-box. If the property type is enum I am adding a dropdownlist. Now I have to populate the dropdown options with enums. How can this be done?

Both the enum definition class(Assignment) and the class(classOne) using which I am populating the page with controls are in the same Namespace(MySolution.Data). While looping through classOne properties when the property name is 'SkillLevel' I will have to go to assignment class get the members of enum SkillLevelEnum and populate the dropdown.

Same needs to be done for other dropdowns also.

My Code:

namespace MySolution.Data
  public class classOne : MyAdapter
        private string _Model;

        public string Model
            get { return _Model; }
            set { _Model = value; }

        private Assignement.SkillLevelEnum _SkillLevel;

        public Assignement.SkillLevelEnum SkillLevel
            get { return _SkillLevel; }
            set { _SkillLevel = value; }

        private Assignement.MinimalSkillsEnum _MinimalSkill;

        public Assignement.MinimalSkillsEnum MinimalSkill
            get { return _MinimalSkill; }
            set { _MinimalSkill = value; }

        public Assignemen.WorkLoadEnum WorkLoad
            get { return _WorkLoad; }
            set { _WorkLoad = value; }

   public class Assignement : MyAdapter

        #region Enumerations

        public enum SkillLevelEnum
            LowerSkills = 0, HighestSkills = 1, Any = 2

        public enum MinimalSkillsEnum
            Accountable = 0,
            Responsible = 1,
            Expert = 2,
            Senior = 3,
            Medium = 4,
            Junior = 5

        public enum WorkLoadEnum
            LessBusy = 0, MostBusy = 1, Any = 2





I don't want to hardcode any of the property names. I am looping through the properties as below.

properties = Utility.GetAllPropertyForClass("className")

Panel panel = new Panel();

foreach (PropertyInfo property in properties) {

        if (!property.PropertyType.IsEnum)
            TextBox txt = new TextBox();
            txt.ID = "txt" + i.ToString();                
            DropDownList ddl = new DropDownList();
            ddl.ID = "ddl" + i.ToString();

            // Here based on the property.name i need to get the enum members which is defined in a different class using reflection


        panel.Controls.Add(new LiteralControl("<br/>"));

Here are sample example for how to bind enum with dropdown list

public enum ProgrammingLanguage
foreach (ProgrammingLanguage enmLnaguage  in Enum.GetValues(typeof(ProgrammingLanguage)))
     cboProgrammingLanguage.Items.Add(new ListItem(enmLnaguage.ToString(), Convert.ToInt32( enmLnaguage).ToString()));

To view Vb.Net Code of this visit this link.



var enumvalues=Enum.GetValues(typeof(MinimalSkillsEnum));
var enumNames=Enum.GetNames(typeof(MinimalSkillsEnum));

enumvalues will be an array and enumNames is a string array.


If your enum is MinimalSkillsEnum, this should work:

string[] enumOptions = Enum.GetNames(typeof(MinimalSkillsEnum));

You can access the labels of an Enum via the GetNames function

List<string> options = Enum.GetName(typeof(MyEnum));

You could then use that directly as the data source for your drop-down

MyDropDown.DataSource = options;

to bind enum to dropdown check How do you bind an Enum to a DropDownList control in ASP.NET?

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