I am a newbie to Sequelize if I want to delete an entry I will not delete directly I have a separate field to make it active and inactive. So I want to have a deteledAT field to update automatically while deleting an entry. Is there any way I can do with paranoid.


In your model add:

  paranoid: true,
  timestamps: true,

Little example:

      id: {
        type: DataTypes.UUID,
        allowNull: false,
        primaryKey: true,
        unique: true,
        defaultValue: sequelize.literal('uuid_generate_v1()'),
      tableName: 'example',
      createdAt: 'created_at',
      updatedAt: 'updated_at',
      deletedAt: 'deteledAT',
      paranoid: true,
      timestamps: true,

So, we'll get example table with 4 colums (id, created_at, updated_at, deteledAT) and when you call destroy method sequeslize insert date in deteledAT column and for select (findOne, findAll etc) automatically ignore all rows when deletedAT is not null

  • Thank you so much. This is really helpful – kaitlyn Feb 15 at 7:47

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