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This is the SQL statement:

mysql -u user -p password -e  "SELECT concat(name,'-',number) from users 
where email='test@test.com'"

Expected output: john-1234

Actual output: concat(name,'-',number)

Why is this happening?

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    That's the column name. Try ... concat(name,'-',number) as XYZ ... and see what happens. – jarlh Feb 14 at 10:28
  • I'm using this command in bash and it's extra work to split the output. Is there a way that I can only return the result? – Barath R Feb 14 at 10:30
  • @Cid You're right. Got the answer I needed. Thanks! – Barath R Feb 14 at 10:32

MySQL will return column names. You can give it a more useful alias like this:

SELECT concat(name,'-',number) as username from users 
where email='test@test.com'

EDIT: Looks like @jarlh beat me to it in the comments.


just give an alias of your column name other wise it will concat(name,'-',number) as column name

"SELECT concat(name,'-',number) as output from users 
where email='test@test.com'"

It is name of the column.

You can name it in other way:

SELECT concat(name,'-',number) AS nameAndNumber from users where email='test@test.com'

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