I have a problem with ion-button in ionic v4 If I write in my app


Erro upercase

And run the application, the app show the button with te text in uppercase I need the buttons to be shown with the text as I wrote it. Please

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In ionic-5, in theme/variables.css, you could add the following

ion-button {
 text-transform: none;

This would apply for the entire app. Also refer this github issue comment.


Try to use text-capitalize, for every first words in UperCase

<span text-capitalize>hi</span>

enter image description here

or text-transform, for normal text

<span style="text-transform:none!important;">Hi Hi</span>

enter image description here

For more examples and other utilities check this doc, you'll like!


You can solve it by adding just inline css as following :

<ion-button style="text-transform:none">Your Text</ion-button>

Try to use mode="ios". Tested on ionic 5 :

<ion-button mode="ios">Your Text</ion-button>

You can add this style in the global.scss ion-button { text-transform: none; } I have tested this code and it works well

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