I know there is so many threads out there regarding this topic but i worked through all of 'em and couldnt get it to work still and im stuck for a week now.

What i have: I am using laravel 5.7 and I do a Query on the Database to fetch all "posts" and then use the laravel pagination method on it. The URL given though is always appended with "?page=" and this is to be removed. I found some stuff on Github which is no longer maintained and only roughly commented as i am fairly a beginner this is pretty hard for me to achieve.

If you do not know what I mean by now let me get thorough: I registered a Route

Route::get('posts', 'PostsController@index')

and in my PostsController I have

    public function index()
    $posts = Post::paginate(2);
    return view('posts.index', compact('posts'));               

This returns a working pagination, with the URL

id love to have it (I know, laravel thinks this is the second post from the database or so ive heard but i use slugnames for the single posts) Well if i would be more experienced I am pretty sure its not hard to remove the ?page= from the URL or what other methods are out there. Maybe a redirect works? I am very happy to hear some (please well explained for me) answers. Thanks so much in advance.

  • If you want a pretty url for paginate use spatie/laravel-paginateroute – ErDiablo Feb 14 at 16:18
  • That is the above mentioned no longer maintained github link i found, it seems pretty hard to achieve. there it is written that it registers the route users, i use posts and not users or do i misunderstand something here? – Desory Feb 14 at 16:32
  • EDIT: i got this working thats super nice. Now i just need the numbers because right now i only have prev and next buttons. but i need like pagenumbers and i think this might help but i dont understand it. public function addPageQuery($url, $page, $full = false) – Desory Feb 14 at 16:56

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