I have Apache Synapse deployed as a WAR on a WebLogic JEE server. I need to import an XQuery module. When I use the following construct, the module cannot be found:

import module namespace mymodule = "mymodule" at "xquery_my_module.xq"; 

I get an XQST0059 (java.io.FileNotFoundException), because the system is attempting to load the file from the folder where the WebLogic domain is deployed. This location is not a good starting point, since with Apache Synapse WAR deployment, the configuration must be exploded into a location on the file system. This location could be anywhere, and is specified via a "synapse.home" JVM parameter (or web.xml init-param).

I haven't been able to find any information on how to access this parameter from within the Synapse configuration or to use it to enable my XQuery import. Is this possible?

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