I have a Data Frame (df) from excel (pd.read_excel()) and I need to define a new column with different types such as:

df['new col'] = df['Date1']
df.loc[condition('Date1'), 'new col'] = 'string'

Where df['Date1'] is a column of Dates and condition('Date1') checks if 'Date1' is in a given range of value while string is a fixed text. My code is giving error. How can I define my new column?

On condition() function let:

a = df4['Date2'] - pd.Timedelta(2, unit='d')
b = df4['Date2'] + pd.Timedelta(2, unit='d')

condition('Date1')= df['Date1'].between(a, b, inclusive=False)
  • How I can check? – stefanodv Feb 15 at 7:10
  • It return dtype: bool. – stefanodv Feb 15 at 7:17
  • my function check if date1 is in a given range: – stefanodv Feb 15 at 7:35
  • I have shared my function – stefanodv Feb 15 at 7:39

You need only simplify your code - from df4['Date1'].between(a, b, inclusive=False) is returned boolean Series, so need it only pass to loc:

a = df4['Date2'] - pd.Timedelta(2, unit='d')
b = df4['Date2'] + pd.Timedelta(2, unit='d')

mask = df4['Date1'].between(a, b, inclusive=False)

df4['new col'] = df4['Date1']
df4.loc[mask, 'new col'] = 'string'

Better alternative with numpy.where:

df4['new col'] = np.where(mask, 'string', df4['Date1'])


Mixed values in same Series is possible, but then performance should be decrease and some functions should be broken, so be careful.

  • This not fix my error. – stefanodv Feb 15 at 8:07
  • I can' t show more details. Thank you so much! – stefanodv Feb 15 at 8:35
  • @stefanodv hmmm, so if run my code what is exactly error? Please share las line of error. – jezrael Feb 15 at 8:36

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