I am developing an app on react native. I want to call a date picker when i press on a Text-Input and after selecting a date it should show on the Text-Input

  • Not sure to understand, if the user can't type text in the text input, why not use a button? – MaximumLasagna Feb 15 at 10:53
  • this is a special case – Stv News Kaipamangalam Feb 15 at 11:01
  • are you using any third party to open DatePicker? @StvNewsKaipamangalam – Patel Dhara Feb 15 at 11:27

You cannot explicitly call onPress for TextInput. You could only use. onFocus which will be called when you press the input box to get cursor over there. No need to focus on onBlur as your use case doesn't required.. Handle close within onFocus if possible.

onFocus = () => {
  // do something

render() {
  <TextInput onFocus={onFocus} />

What you have to do is use onFocus and onBlur of TextInput.


onFocus = () => {
 // Open date picker

onBlur = () => {
 // Close date picker and add value to textinput

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