I am trying to consume a soap server. Values needs to be sent which may contain certain special chars, namely ', &, $ :, and *, e.g.:


I now that the value is correct, as I can consume the soap api indireclty through an external webfrontend that internally communicates with the soap server. I do not know what kind of transformation it applies to the payload nor do I have access to check.

I wonder: Is there a common way to escape / encode special cahrs for soap requests?

I tried using cdata:


I tried using escape sequences:

& (ampersand): &#38;
' (apostrophe or single quote): &#39;

yet all to no avail.

I am trying to contanct the provider of the soap service, yet in the meantime I wonder if there is a common escaping strategy that I can employ that should be default for soap servers to understand.

  • Both your approaches are perfectly correct. If something is failing, you need to tell us more precisely what you are doing and what the failure symptoms are. – Michael Kay Feb 15 at 15:16

The escape strategy that worked for me was to not escape the ' but only the &like this:


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