I have problems with the timeout when there is no video source with RTP format.

If I execute the code and there is no video, the program stays waiting in the grabber.Start() function all the time.

FFmpegFrameGrabber grabber;
    Frame img;        
    grabber = new FFmpegFrameGrabber("rtp://" + ip + ":1234");
    grabber.setOption("stimeout", String.valueOf(5*1000000));
    grabber.Start ();
    img = grabber.grab();
    Java2DFrameConverter converter = new Java2DFrameConverter();
BufferedImage bufferedImag;
bufferedImag = converter.convert(img);
}catch (FrameGrabber.Exception ex) {
    throw new IOException("Could not open video file ", ex);

As I said before, when the video exists, everything works perfectly, but when there is no video source, the program stays in the grabber.start () and I can not get out of there.

I would like that when 5 seconds pass, it generates an exception and leaves the grabber.satart() function. I use grabber.setOption("stimeout", String.valueOf (5*1000000)); to controlate it but don't work in RTP.

I have checked the operation with RTSP video source and the code works perfectly, that is, after 5 seconds it generates an exception... But I need to control the RTP video source.

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