I have a list of points xy with the shape(2,100). I want to take the dot product with a 2x2 matrix as follows:

g = xy.T@W@xy

which should result in a vector of 100 values. How can I do this with Python?

I know it should result in 100 values because the above express works well if I feed in one 2D point. How can I vectorize the above?


We can np.einsum -

np.einsum('ij,ik,kj->j',xy,W,xy, optimize=True)
  • I made a mistake. I need xy.T@W@xy as opposed to xy@W@xy.T. What do I need to change? – saad Feb 16 at 18:02
  • @saad As you have pointed out in the question - xy with the shape(2,100).. So, no change is needed. – Divakar Feb 16 at 18:30

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