I really need help here ... I know this is simple ... but if someone could explain this like they are talking to a ten year old I'd appreciate it

  • I converted a JPEG to SHA-256
  • I submitted that SHA-256 hash to the blockchain using origin stamp
  • Now, I want to manually convert my original hash either from (Hex) or (Base64) into the "Address" given to me by originstamp so I can view the transaction on blockchain.info how do I do this? I CANNOT figure it out.
  • Could you clarify what you mean by "converted a JPEG to SHA-256"? You mean you calculated the has of your JPEG? And you submitted your hash using origin stamps API? What do they return to you when done? – Alberti Buonarroti Feb 17 at 9:17
  • You can't convert your hash into an address, you would need to get that from origin stamps. Do they provide the txid? – JBaczuk Feb 18 at 15:52

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