I'm converting an old BP program I wrote in about 1994 to Delphi and part of it is a pointer based lifo stack mechanism to push/pop values temporarily. Converting this looks to be a pain especially where Unicode strings are concerned. I took a look at TStack and it seems to solve my problem as long as I can use it with variants.

However the documentation for TStack available online seems limited and I can't find any mention of it being used with variants. My test code seems to work as I'd expect (as long as you know what type you are POPing of course).


VAR s,s1: string;
    i,j: integer;

    Stack: TStack<Variant>;

  i := 100;
  s1 := 'Hello World';
  Stack := TStack<Variant>.Create;
  s := Stack.Pop;
  i := Stack.Pop;

So my question is, apart from EVariant errors when attempting to pop the wrong type, what other nasties might be lurking to catch me out? Thankyou.

  • Really question doesn't relate to TStack<>. Essental part is variantVar := x; y := variantVar; and possible caveats. If you know them, the same is true for TStack<variant> usage – MBo Feb 17 at 3:41
  • This is the wrong site for this question. You are asking for a code review. But no, there is no problem with using a stack here. – David Heffernan Feb 17 at 5:39
  • Don't see where I asked anyone to review code, but evertheless you have answered my question David,so thanks. – MarkC Feb 17 at 11:25
  • 1
    Asking for comments on your code, asking for us to find potential pitfalls is essentially a code review. As well as that, it probably qualifies for too broad and unclear what you are asking, FWIW. – David Heffernan Feb 18 at 6:38

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