I'm developing a macOS application for editing files, but am getting a rather annoying error when trying to use NSDocumentController.shared.makeDocument to create a new NSDocument instance from a file URL.

Below is a simple example of how I am calling makeDocument. The file test.md exists on disk.

let url = URL(fileURLWithPath: "/Users/me/Desktop/test.md"

do {
  let newDocument = try NSDocumentController.shared.makeDocument(withContentsOf: url, ofType: url.pathExtension)
  print("Created \(newDocument)")
} catch {
  print("Error: \(error)")

The problem is that this try call fails and it reaches the catch block. The error I get is:

Error: Error Domain=NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=256 "“test.md” could not be handled because MyApp cannot open files in the “md” format." UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=“test.md” could not be handled because MyApp cannot open files in the “md” format., NSLocalizedFailureReason= MyApp cannot open files in the “md” format.}

I believe i've correctly set my app's Document Types for markdown files as shown below:


I've tried cleaning the build , removing derived data and also adding an 'Imported UTI' type for markdown files but nothing seems to work.

The strange thing is that via File > Open, I am able to open .md files, just not programatically via makeDocument.

  • makeDocument(withContentsOf:ofType:) calls documentClass(forType:), allocates a document object and calls init(contentsOf:ofType:). Which one doesn't work? – Willeke Feb 17 at 10:51

makeDocument(withContentsOf:ofType:) expects a type as second parameter, not an extension. Have a look at typeForContents(of url: URL) on how to derive the type from an URL.

See Figure 6-3 in https://developer.apple.com/library/archive/documentation/DataManagement/Conceptual/DocBasedAppProgrammingGuideForOSX/AdvancedTopics/AdvancedTopics.html

And as Marek H pointed out in his answer, in the info.plist there should be an UTI (identifier) for the document type.

  • 1
    He also doesn't have correct UTI registered "net.daringfireball.markdown" – Marek H Feb 17 at 13:00
  • The UTI wasn't the problem, it was the fact that I wasn't creating the type correctly as answered above. – Luka Kerr Feb 17 at 22:46

Verify generated Info.plist with example from XCode 10 Info.plist and their settings. Also check lsregister command and see if your app is registered to handle md.

lsregister (use switch dump or read man):


Markdown document:

    <string>Markdown Document</string>

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