following this project , I managed to get a list of events to be included in the calendar through bees. Now you would like to know if you can click on a specific event to get start date ,end date and title or if it is possible to associate an id. I know that there is an inlineEventSelected event that returns an object with event data, but I do not see any data when I look at the uotput. What am I doing wrong ?enter code here

    <Page class="page" >
      <ActionBar title="Home" class="action-bar"/>
      <RadCalendar id="calendar"


import * as calendarModule from 'nativescript-ui-calendar';
import { Color } from 'color';
 import * as http from "http";

export default {
  methods: {

    onInlineEventSelected(args) {

    onDateSelected(args) {
      console.log("onDateSelected: " + args.date);

    onDateDeselected(args) {
      console.log("onDateDeselected: " + args.date);

    onNavigatedToDate(args) {
      console.log("onNavigatedToDate: " + args.date);

    onNavigatingToDateStarted(args) {
      console.log("onNavigatingToDateStarted: " + args.date);

    onViewModeChanged(args) {
      console.log("onViewModeChanged: " + args.newValue);
  created() {
  var applicationSettings = require("application-settings");
  var user= applicationSettings.getString("username");
  var passwordd=applicationSettings.getString("password");
  var server=applicationSettings.getString("server");
  var cartella=applicationSettings.getString("cartella");
  method: "GET",

}).then(result => {

             // Creating dummy events
             let events = [];
             let now = new Date();
             let startDate;
             let endDate;
             let event;
             for (let i = 1; i < result.length; i++) {
                 var item=result[i]
               startDate = new Date(item.Inizio);
               endDate = new Date(item.Fine);
                     var col=new Color(item.Colore);
               event = new calendarModule.CalendarEvent(item.Descr, startDate, endDate,false,col );

              /* if (i % 3 == 0) {
                 event = new calendarModule.CalendarEvent("second " + i, startDate, endDate, true, colors[i * 5 % (colors.length - 1)]);
             this.calendarEvents = events;

   }, error => {

  data() {
    return {
      calendarEvents: []
       Event view mode can be one of "None", "Inline" or "Popover"
       Selection mode can be one of "None", "Single", "Multiple" or "Range"
       View mode can be one of "Week", "Month", "MonthNames", "Year" or "Day"

      Available transition modes

      For styling the calendar, please go through this part in the docs



This is the output of the inlineEventSelected event

JS: { eventName: 'inlineEventSelected',
JS:   object:
JS:    { _observers:
JS:       { dateSelected: [Object],
JS:         dateDeselected: [Object],
JS:         navigatedToDate: [Object],
JS:         navigatingToDateStarted: [Object],
JS:         viewModeChanged: [Object],
JS:         inlineEventSelected: [Object] },
JS:      _onLoadedCalled: true,
JS:      _onUnloadedCalled: false,
JS:      _cssState:
JS:       { view: [Circular],
JS:         _onDynamicStateChangeHandler: [Object],
JS:         _matchInvalid: false,
JS:         _appliedSelectorsVersion: 200000,
JS:         _match: [Object],
JS:         _appliedChangeMap: {},
JS:         _appliedPropertyValues: {},
JS:         _playsKeyframeAnimations: false },
JS:      pseudoClassAliases: { highlighted: [Object] },
JS:      cssClasses: {},
JS:      cssPseudoClasses: {},
JS:      _domId: 5,
JS:      _style: { _observers: {}, view: [Circular] },
JS:      _gestureObservers: {},
JS:      _androidViewId: 2,
JS:      __vue_element_ref__:
JS:       { nodeType: 1,
JS:         _tagName: 'nativeradcalendar',
JS:         parentNode: [Object],
JS:         childNodes: [Object],
JS:         prevSib...
  • Try args.eventData, make sure it's not null, then you could access args.eventData.title for event title and other properties like startDate, endDate etc., too. – Manoj Feb 17 '19 at 10:12
  • Hi @Manoj thanks I finally managed to get title, startDate and endDate,I would like to know if it is possible to associate an ID to an event. so as to bring it to the click by opening a page with the data of the event.I would like to get the id of the event by clicking on it and opening it so I can open a page with the event data. – Christopher Civitale Feb 17 '19 at 14:42
  • I don't think the calendar events yet support an id. – Manoj Feb 17 '19 at 16:53

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