I have a Pandas dataframe that looks like this, but with more rows. The numbers for each name is a ranking (so someone has a relative rank of 1-x, for each column). The columns are years, and people drop out once they no longer have a ranking.

           0    1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8 
**Ben**    5    3    1    2    4   NaN  NaN  NaN  NaN
**Jane**   3    1    2   NaN  NaN  NaN  NaN  NaN  NaN
**Nick**   9    7    5    4    2    1    3    8    6
**John**   3    2    1    4   NaN  NaN  NaN  NaN  NaN

I am trying to go through and plot the data by row, so that each person has their own line on the plot. However, I would like the x and y-axis to be relative, so that their last entries and first entries will match up with each other.

Specifically, I would like Jane and Nick to have their highest ranking and lowest ranking be at the same level along the y-axis, and their first and last year to be along the same line along the x-axis.

I am just not sure how to make plotting relative, and use a loop to go through all the rows.

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