I developed the following API in PHP / HTML:

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I need the result of the select option to serve input to the following ETL transformation:

enter image description here

enter image description here

I used "RJ" as an example in the query. But I need this result to come from the API. What step can I use to recover this data? Is the reverse process possible? Can I make the result of this transformation available (which is an excel worksheet) for the user to download?

Edit 1: That's how I get the form results. It's a simple PHP code.

            $conexaobd = new ConexaoBD;
            $conexao = $conexaobd->conectarAoBD();
            $sql = "SELECT p.id_projeto, p.municipio, p.estado, p.nome FROM projeto p WHERE p.estado LIKE '%".$buscar."%' ORDER BY p.id_projeto";
                        $resultado_query = mysqli_query($conexao, $sql);
            if (!$resultado_query) {
                echo "Erro: " . $sql . "<br>" . mysqli_error($conexao);
            if (!$linha = $resultado_query->fetch_array(MYSQLI_ASSOC)){
                echo "<h3>Nenhum registro encontrado.</h3>";
            } else {
                while($linha = $resultado_query->fetch_array(MYSQLI_ASSOC)){
                    $id = $linha['id_projeto'];
                    $municipio = $linha['municipio'];
                    $estado = $linha['estado'];
                    $nome = $linha['nome'];
                    echo "<h2><strong>ID do projeto: </strong>".@$id."</h2>";
                    echo "<br/>";
                    echo "<strong>Município: </strong>".@$municipio;
                    echo "<br/>";
                    echo "<strong>Estado: </strong>".@$estado;
                    echo "<br/>";
                    echo "<strong>Nome do projeto: </strong>".@$nome;
                    echo "<br/>";


  • How do you get these results from the API ? How does the API responds ? Is it a REST Client that accepts POST/GET Metohds, what does it return ? A JSON ? An XML ? – Cristian Curti Feb 18 at 14:01
  • I edited the post with php code. – Sabrina T. Feb 18 at 14:13
  • The way i know how to do this is either by using the HTTP POST or the REST Client steps in PDI, to get the result, this being the PHP code, do you have a URL you use to achieve the same result ? – Cristian Curti Feb 18 at 16:56
  • Actually, it's stored on my localhost. I only have page path. Like this: localhost/consultas-opensoils/visao/buscar_estado.php – Sabrina T. Feb 18 at 18:29

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