I'm using Mongoose and TypeScript with the interface+class+schema approach.

What is the canonical way to store the _id field?

I know the db stores it as a bson ObjectID. But I've seen some examples using string and others using mongoose's ObjectId, and then converting between them for various reasons - so I'm unsure which to use.

interface Animal {
  _id: ?type?;        // ?
  name: string;

Is it advisable to use

  • string
  • mongoose.Types.ObjectId
  • mongodb.ObjectID
  • bson.ObjectID

Also, assuming it is correct to use objectid - I want to avoid taking a dependency on mongoose in the interface file. Is it safe/advisable to use the bson package's ObjectID instead - are they equivalent?

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you can do this

import { Types } from 'mongoose';
interface Animal {
  _id: Types.ObjectId,      
  name: string
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    This is wrong, ObjectId refers to Schema.Types.ObjectId, you want import {Types} from 'mongoose'; _id: Types.Object.
    – Clashsoft
    May 24, 2022 at 13:00

Taken from the mongoose documentation:

  • Import Types from mongoose
  • Use this type for your _id
import { Types } from 'mongoose';

interface Animal {
  _id: Types.ObjectId;
  name: string;

UPDATE: 4 years later and mongoose claims this approach will be dropped for performance reasons in it's next release. See docs link in comments.

You can extend your interface with mongoose.Document. Your interface will be come

interface Animal extends mongoose.Document { 
  name: string;


export let AnimalSchema = mongoose.model<Animal>('animal', schema, 'animals');
let animal = await AnimalSchema.find({_id: "id"}).exec();
// animal._id / animal.name
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    I do it another way to keep my entity files clean of infrastructure dependencies. Also, what about the original issue - what type is best to use?
    – lonix
    Feb 18, 2019 at 9:49
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    aww, I think mongoose.Types.ObjectId is good for you case, mongoose.Types.ObjectId has been defined by typeof mongodb.ObjectID & { (s?: string | number): mongodb.ObjectID; };
    – hoangdv
    Feb 18, 2019 at 11:38
  • 3
    mongoosejs.com/docs/typescript.html#using-extends-document - We strongly recommend against using this approach, its support will be dropped in the next major version as it causes major performance issues. Many Mongoose TypeScript codebases use the below approach.
    – Clashsoft
    May 24, 2022 at 12:59

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