I want to use some custom variables in info.plist file e.g


how to make this variable

second thing is can I add some condition on that variable for example

if myBuild = debug {
my_custom_variable = 2
my_custom_variable = 3}
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    info.plist is readonly in runtime, what is your goal here? – holex Feb 18 at 12:33
  • I was using facebook API in my app and I made 2 diff apps on fb one for debugging and other one for release. whenever i make release build I have to make change in info.plist as well. I just want to make my release build by just one click – aqeel ahmad Feb 18 at 12:36

You can create the variable by adding it as a "User-Defined Setting" to your target, in Build Settings. You can then set the variable value to different things for each of your build configurations.

Please see attached screenshot. You can ignore my Beta Prod and Beta Test configurations, as they probably don't apply to your situation.

enter image description here

  • I did: "You can then set the variable value to different things for each of your build configurations." So set it to 2 for your Debug configuration, and 3, for your Release configuration. – andlin Feb 18 at 12:03

Set your custom variable in info.plist as shown below. I have taken "HockeyAppID" as example here.

enter image description here

Next, Add a variable in Build Settings under "User-Defined" for Debug and Release configuration in your case as shown below. Here, I have my own four different configurations.

enter image description here

As you know, different configuration values will be loaded at runtime based on the settings in scheme. In order to access HockeyAppId for Debug / Release configuration from info.plist, do the following.

 enum InfoPlistKey {
   static let hockeyappID = "HockeyAppID"

 struct AppSettings {

   private static var infoDict: [String: Any] {
      if let dict = Bundle.main.infoDictionary {
          return dict
      } else {
          fatalError("Info Plist file not found")

   static let hockeyAppID = infoDict[InfoPlistKey.hockeyappID] as! String

Now, you can access HockeyAppId value from Info.plist as ,

let identifier = AppSettings.hockeyAppID

Please let me know in case of any issues.

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