The problem I'm having is in regard to Oauth2 authentication with Linkedin. I am an application developer and am noticing this while upgrading our current OAuth1 LinkedIn implementation to OAuth2.

I'm seeing the "Allow/Deny" prompt on the LinkedIn side, even when I have previously authenticated, and am currently logged into LinkedIn.

I notice this is happening only with an older LinkedIn developer app (4 years old?), and is NOT happening with a freshly created Linkedin developer app. The fresh Linkedin developer app performs as expected: (while logged into LinkedIn, when previously authenticated, clicking the linkedin OAuth button from my application takes the user directly into my application)

I've seen similar issues with other OAuth2 circles. Google, for example has an option to force the dialog prompt, as well as a way to pass a allow_prompt=auto param/value to bypass it if the user has previously authenticated and is logged in.

After looking at the LinkedIn API info, I haven't come across a param for this.

I'm assuming our older LinkedIn developer app is maybe some sort of "legacy" app, and doesn't perform the same way as the newer LinkedIn developer app's do.

Has anyone dealt with this?

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