I'm trying to convert key-value map to slice of pairs, for example given a map like:

m := make(map[int64]int64)
m[521] = 4
m[528] = 8

How do I convert that into a slice of its entries, like: [[521, 4], [528, 8]]

I'm thinking about ranging over all those key-values then create slice for that, but is there any simple code to do that?


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package main

import "fmt"

func main() {
    //create a map
    m := map[int64]int64{512: 8, 513: 9, 234: 9, 392: 0}

    //create a slice to hold required values
    s := make([][]int64, 0)

    //range over map `m` to append to slice `s`
    for k, v := range m {

        // append each element, with a new slice []int64{k, v}
        s = append(s, []int64{k, v})


Go 1.18

It is now possible to write a generic function to extract all key-value pairs, i.e. the map entries, with any key and value types.


  • the map iterations are still unordered — using generics doesn't change that.
  • the constraint for the map key must be comparable
type Pair[K, V any] struct {
    First  K
    Second V

func Entries[M ~map[K]V, K comparable, V any](m M) []Pair[K, V] {
    entries := make([]Pair[K, V], 0)
    for k, v := range m {
        entries = append(entries, Pair[K, V]{k, v})
    return entries

The type Pair here is used to preserve type safety in the return value. If you really must return a slice of slices, then it can only be [][]any (or [][2]any) in order to hold different types.

If the map key and value have the same type, of course you can still use Pair but you can also use a type-safe variation of the above:

func Entries[T comparable](m map[T]T) [][2]T {
    entries := make([][2]T, 0)
    for k, v := range m {
        entries = append(entries, [2]T{k, v})
    return entries

Again, T must be comparable or stricter in order to work as a map key.

Playground: https://go.dev/play/p/RwCGmp7MHKW

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