I am creating a rectangle border with the div size in jspdf but the problem is that the rectangle is created only on the single page of pdf generated

var pdf = new jsPDF('p', 'pt', 'a4');
var source = $('#content')[0];

specialElementHandlers = {

    '#bypassme': function (element, renderer) {

        return true

margins = {
    top: 30,
    bottom: 30,
    left: 30,
    width: 534,

        source, // HTML string or DOM elem ref.
        margins.left, // x coord
        margins.top, { // y coord
            'width': margins.width, // max width of content on PDF
            'elementHandlers': specialElementHandlers

        function (dispose) {

                pdf.rect(15, 15, 565, 815);


        }, margins);
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